F&S Healthlane

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F&S Healthlane Enterprise is a sole proprietor company, established in January 2017. The company is primarily engaged in distribution of branded and local medicines and personal care products. It caters to the growing needs of health care services of hospitals, clinics, drugstores and other institutions that purchase medicine in major cities and key municipalities of South Greater Manila Area and South Luzon. The unique ability to deliver a sincere commitment to productivity enables the company to provide valued clients with specific needs and efficient service. F&S provides a wide range of coverage to help suppliers and manufacturers bring their products to various communities including areas not reached by major retail chains. F&S services include warehousing, distribution and delivery.


Urology (Prostate/OB Gyne)
Leuprorelin Acetate
Leuprorelide Acetate Injection
Goserelin Acetate
Zoledronic Acid
Bicalutamide Tablet
Nephrology (Dialysis and Kidney Transplant)
Epoetin Alfa (4,000 iu, 10,000 iu)
Epoetin Beta (2,000 iu / 4,000 iu / 10,000 iu)
Rheumatology (Auto Immune Diseases)
Methotrxate Tablet
Mycophenolate Mofetil
  Oncology (Cancer Medicine and Injectables)  
Paclitaxel Doxorubicin Docetaxel
Cisplatin Gemcitabine Vinorelbine
Etoposide Methotrexate Ifosfamide
Leucovorin Mesna Fluorouracil
Cytarabine Cyclophosphamide Hydroxyurea
Letrozole Anastrozole Exemestane
Tamoxifen Capecitabine Epirubicin